What’s my blog “Terms Simplified” all about?

According to The Economic Survey, Year 2014–15 witnessed hyper-growth in Technology start-ups and software product landscape with India ranking fourth among the world’s largest start-up hubs with over 3,100 start-ups. Software products and services revenue is estimated to grow @ 12-14 % in the fiscal year 2015–16.

Year 2014 also witnessed the largest ever Venture Capital infusion into the Indian start-up ecosystem. With an increase of 47.7% from the previous year, Venture Capitalists invested $2.1 billion with 1,108 deals. E-commerce, consumer web and payments dominated the funding in the country, whereas technology start-ups formed the spinal cord, playing a vital role in economic growth of India.

I have discovered that most of the young Business Leaders lack the understanding of the terminologies that are prevalent in the VC circle. My blog “Terms Simplified” makes a sincere effort to educate the young Entrepreneurs on the most frequent jargon prevalent the investor community. I’ll add a series of articles in this category over a period of time that focuses on Venture Capital and Terms Sheet. I’d love to hear your thoughts and views regarding my endeavor.

Stay tuned…


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