2015 Recap: Angel, Venture Capital and Private Equity

Angel and Venture Capital investment set a new stage in Year 2015, both in value and volume, which in effect drove the overall private investments to a new high

According to VCCEdge, Angel and VC investors closed a total of 1,096 deals in 2015, an increase of 68% from last year, a record jump and also the highest early-stage investment in India. Of these, angel and seed investors funded 632 deals, whereas VCs closed the remaining.



In value terms, angel and VC firms together contributed 24.5% of the total private investments in 2015, a growth of 17.2% as compared to last year. On a standalone basis, angel funding crossed US$ 300 million for the first time, an increase of nearly 60%, from US$ 196 million in 2014,. VC funding showed a similar trend, clocking deals worth US$ 5.183 billion, a growth of nearly 127%, as against US$ 2.287 billion last year.

Year 2015 also witnessed highest funding in eCommerce and Technology industries. According to Padmaja Ruparel, President, Indian Angel Network “The technology and e-commerce sectors have been in the limelight in 2015, and our country is the fastest-growing start-up ecosystem in the world, right now. 11 of the 68 ‘unicorns’ globally, (companies that are valued at over US$ 1 billion) are of Indian origin.”

Currently, India is home to over 18,000 start-ups valued at US$ 75 billion and employing 300,000 people. This makes India the world’s second largest start-up ecosystem while the growth rate is estimated to be highest here.


2 thoughts on “2015 Recap: Angel, Venture Capital and Private Equity

  1. Babu December 11, 2016 / 9:05 am

    I’m a regular reader of your blog. Good article!

  2. Kumar December 11, 2016 / 9:14 am

    Babu: Nitin is one those few individuals who had climbed up the corporate ladder really quick. His credentials are highly respected by his colleagues and Clients. He is very passionate about his subjects, exceptionally dedicated and hard-working. Thought you should know.

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